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"NEEGATIVE FIVE STARS. What a terrible recipe! I was out of flour but
didn't want to go to the store so I substituted a cup of plaster and a cup of gravel, spray margarine for the cultured butter, and stevia drops for the sugar, and then fried the batter in bacon grease instead of baking it. And I didn't give it the 24 hour rest recommended in the recipe because I'm impatient. The results are INEDIBLE and clearly you CANNOT COOK and should DELETE YOUR BLOG."

Context is tired of stupid recipe reviews.
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[personal profile] psychopathicus_rex and [personal profile] icon_uk debate the definition of "folklore":

PSYCHOPATHICUS_REX: Not to be pedantic, but (werewolves being vulnerable only to silver bullets) is strictly Hollywood - any old bullet will do. Don't muck up your folkloric credentials now!

ICON_UK: As folklore is more or less completely made up, I fail to see how Hollywood isn't as valid a source as anywhere else, considering how humans everywhere always LOVE turning things into stories.

PSYCHOPATHICUS_REX: Well, the way I look at it, Hollywood folklore is stuff you KNOW is made up - traditional folklore has generally been around for a long time, and at least stands a chance of being true. Personally, I'm a bit of a mystical type by inclination, so I prefer to give it the benefit of the doubt.

ICON_UK: I think I'm more of a Granny Weatherwax type in such things. Folklore is lore told by "folk", and how reliable have people you think of as "folk" ever been? :)

Context discusses magic, headology, and Gen-X British comics fans' Friend On The Other Side.
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We never did figure out what was in our mead. An upperclasswoman who – perhaps crucially – was a biologist who liked to party hard, counseled us that if it didn't taste like something we wanted to drink, maybe we shouldn't be worrying so hard about whether it was something we could drink. Thus we resigned ourselves to the obvious and sadly fed it to the kitchen sink. Some weeks or months later, she actually found exactly the phase-state diagram we had needed and made me a photocopy; I may still have that piece of paper somewhere in my stuff.

Context had an annoyingly hard time figuring out which part to quote....
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We met a small child carrying "Less Invasions, More Equations!" (my brain yelled, "Fewer!" and I said, "Nice sign," because people who pedantically correct the protest signs of six-year-olds are not the kind of change I want to see in the world) - [personal profile] sovay.

Context is Boston March for Science.
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My absolute favorite of mine was the time I did a code tour entirely in the voice of the King of All Cosmos from Katamari Damacy

Context gives new arrivals in [site community profile] dw_news a glimpse of the management. The code tour in question is here, and really, it is a thing of beauty.
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I'm not even going to touch "Holocaust centers." It wasn't like daycare, you know?

Context has greater respect for turnips.
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[ profile] bathtimefunduck gave us this gem:

The female body literally cannot carry a child to full development. It would kill us. We’re more like… game developers at Ubisoft— we kick the product out before it’s ready and hope we can work out the bugs to make them playable as they get older.
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"I can't believe there are still Jews supporting Trump. Israel is not a sufficient excuse. Do we have any Jewish Republicans in the Massachusetts Senate? There must be a local chapter of AIPAC or something. I should call them up. 'Hello! Did you vote for Trump? If so, congratulations! This trash fire is partly your fault! Are you doing everything in your power to oppose his ban on Muslims and refugees? If you aren't, if you had any relatives who died in the Holocaust, I hope they haunt you. Seriously, Great-Aunt Malke, I hope she sits on the end of your bed every night—'"

"A blessing on your head—mazel tov, mazel tov—"

"Yes! And she looks like some kind of giant white-faced accordion1 and she keeps singing from Fiddler on the Roof and you're shouting, 'Stop it, fuck off, it's not the same!' and she's just like 'Anatevka, Anatevka'!"

Context is pissed off.
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p.s. the news looks better this evening, at least, because we're there.

Context also marched.
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In short, it's both weirdly old-fashioned and weirdly pornographic. As, I suppose, am I.

Context has doubts about "experimental, visually-driven product".
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It's like they say: When God closes a door, a zombie will claw down a different one.

Context is transferring zombie show loyalties.
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Spanish is Latin that went over the mountains and decided to hang out there for 2000 years. Somewhere in the midst of this it encountered Moorish and some Arabic and said, "this is cool. I want those words."

French is Latin that got very friendly with Old Gothic and decided to play with sounds and endings.

Italian is Latin that stayed home, decided it really didn't need all those consonants and shipped them off to Poland, or possibly Romania.

English got married to French a thousand years ago, (it wasn't English's idea) didn't quite recover, and kept the French vocabulary but pronounces it with general Anglo-Saxon style.

Russian theoretically looks like Greek, but isn't.

is getting a lot of use out of duolingo

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I said to [ profile] sairaali, who knew activism was so much like working a call center?

Context generally frowns upon torturing young people to change their sexual or gender identity.

On 2016

Nov. 17th, 2016 11:45 pm
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2016 is well past "should die in a fire" territory and into "should be broken on the wheel" territory, IMHO.

From[personal profile] mme_hardy, posted with permission (original is locked.)
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The small fanperson is watching Animaniacs, and when the credits reached, "Bill Clinton plays the sax," her response was, "Wait: that's Hillary's husband."

Yes. Yes, it is.

From [personal profile] cereta here.

On history

Jul. 24th, 2016 07:11 pm
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The crusader equivalent of 'are we there yet' was to realise they were somewhere foreign and start killing people a bit.
Even if they were not in fact on the same continent as there, yet.

From [personal profile] beccaelizabeth here.
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The switch where we turn our emotions on and off is a little hard to locate. I thought I found it for a while but it turned out to only produce orgasms.

Context is locked (QWP), but would like to explain that she had been reading "one of those self-help books that demands that you feel or not feel certain emotions OR ELSE."
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I woke up at 6:30 (don't worry, I went to sleep before midnight) and lay in bed composing a symptom list and relevant history list so I don't forget anything, googling the doctor in question, googling "how to report pain" so I ask the "right" way and get believed, reviewing the DBT app's advice on how to ask for something, and making notes for myself on how to apply that to the present situation.

And ranting on Twitter about how fucked up it is that this is how I approach a medical appointment: like I'm applying for a job, or asking for a raise. Like I have to dress and act and answer the questions exactly right or I won't get treatment and that'll be on me. Like there's a trick to not being told there's nothing wrong with you by someone who hasn't even examined you yet and will be receiving $300 for this interaction.

"What can I do for you today?" "I have my own driver's license and a reliable car. I have a great sense of humour and like long -- no, brisk -- walks on the beach. My biggest failing as a patient is that I work too hard."

"When did this start happening?" "Since before I weighed this much. I am maintaining a daily meditation practice, and see a massage therapist regularly. In my last assessment, my psychologist said that she did not believe my pain was psychosomatic in nature. I eat a healthy diet. I also volunteer, in order to give back to the community."

"How frequent is the pain?" "In my last paid position, I provided technical advice, was responsible for invoicing and receivables and expenditures, and overhauled her filing workflow, and documented it for future employees. In my volunteer roles, I wrote a patch for an open source software project, managed volunteers at four different polling places concurrently at the last federal election, made calls to undecided voters in the last state election, was responsible for the health and wellbeing of six batches of foster kittens and thirteen unhatched and newly hatched chickens, many of whom do not know their right hand from their left."

"What have you been doing to treat your pain so far?" "I take the chicken across first, then cross back alone. Then I take the fox across and take the chicken back. Then I take the corn across and go back alone, after which I bring the chicken across."

"Can you describe the severity for me, on a scale of one to ten, where zero is no pain and ten is the worst pain you can imagine?" "Normally he gets off at the sixth floor, because that's as far as he can reach, but on rainy days he goes all the way up to the twelfth floor because he can use his umbrella to reach the button."

"What tests have you had before?" "I have a Bachelor of Music from the University of Melbourne."

"And how can I help you? Hmm. Can I even help you?" "You don't bury survivors."

Context is locked; QWP. [personal profile] vass would like to give credit for inspiration to this Code Slate article.
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