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For the posting of amusing, insightful, witty (etc.) things said on Dreamwidth.

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[personal profile] melannen:
How many miles to AO3?
Threescore miles and ten.
Can you get there by ticky-box?
Yes, and back again.
If you tag your tags and you sort your docs,
You can get there by ticky-box.

Context "would DEFINITeLY travel by ticky-box if given the option."
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Context has had enough.
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Truly, fruit foraging is a deeply womanly art going back to the time of the cavewomen, in which brave women warriors set out to pluck the mammoth-fruit. I felt deeply connected to the ancient roots of this hallowed feminine tradition when I clambered from my car just as women once leaped from the backs of their trusty riding-zebras, swinging boldly on my crutches as did the wounded women fruit-hunters of yore.

Context may have run into too many books making dubious evo-psych claims about the inherent manliness of certain types of cooking.
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Seriously though, my brain just keeps obsessively repeating the phrase, "the intermediate relations to the sexual object which should normally be traversed rapidly on the path towards the final sexual aim," but putting the emphasis on different words, à la Tumblr circa 2017:

intermediate relations to the sexual object which should normally be traversed rapidly on the path towards the final sexual aim

intermediate relations to the sexual object which SHOULD normally be traversed rapidly on the path towards the final sexual aim

intermediate relations to the sexual object which should NORRRRRMALLY be traversed rapidly on the path towards the final sexual aim

intermediate relations to the sexual object which should normally be TRAVERSED [[[[[[RAPIDLY]]]]]]]] on the path towards the final sexual aim

intermediate relations to the sexual object which should normally be traversed rapidly on the path towards ~~~THE FINAL SEXUAL AIM~~~

Ahahahahaha I mean.

*Star Trek intro voice*: Penis in vagina: THE FINAL SEXUAL AIM!

Context would prefer to linger.
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Apparently they're discussing turning Parliament off and then on again to see if that clears the problem.

[personal profile] rydra_wong

Context is trying to explain the day's news.
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[personal profile] rachelmanija Wrote:

Message of almost every Newbery book before about 1990: Your pets will die. Your grandparents will die. Your parents will die. Your best friend will die. Mentally ill or abused or disabled people die, are institutionalized, or disappear. (You may learn later that they died.) Social workers lock up your mentally ill friends, take away your abused friends, and step on your kitten. Magic isn’t real. All attempts to do the right thing lead inevitably to misery. Everything is terrible.

Context discusses recently acquired books
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and then I saw this stellar fucking take, which yeeted me out of my consciousness and into a nether dimension full of soulless ligbeets screeching about how ~50 years of academia are completely useless because their tumblr-educated ass said so.

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To husband, who's away on a business trip:

We burned our bras today. Not because we needed to, but because they are stabby and we hate them. We've taken up the carpets and made armour out of the lot. Topsy constructed a sword out of your CD collection and had Thuban the Divine bless the blade. Topsy defends us, valiantly, from plunderers seeking to steal our shower turnips. Her warcry is, "FLOWERS ARE STUPID, BUGS SIT UPON THEM AND POO!" She's grown horns.

QWP from locked post. Context regrettably had to make its own coffee this morning.
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I believe we were on Walnut Street over the commuter rail tracks when Rob said something about our government and I said, "Yeah, well, Mitch McConnell ripped his own spine out from between his shoulder blades three years ago and laid it at the feet of the neo-Nazis to use as a bridge, so I don't really care what he thinks."

Context is fuelled by barbecued meats and tiki drinks.
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"Honey, I'm home! I was invalided home from the war! Good news is I still have nearly all of my limbs!"

"Darling! How unexpected!"

"...what is Jimmy doing here? And why is he wearing a pair of knickers on his head? Knickers with...my regimental crest?"

Context doesn't really make more sense, but does it have to?
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QWP, locked, [profile] ninevah_uk

I didn't quite get through writing this document by doodling a guillotine every time I had to type the words "high-net worth individual", but it was a close-run thing.
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QWP from locked post, by [personal profile] ankaret:

who seems to have so comprehensively lost her marbles she could stand in as a model of the Parthenon.
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It's weird to think someone born in 2000 was sixteen in 2016 and now at the end of 2018 they're about fifty.

Context has had a long couple of years.
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4. How can I see them when they're hiding? It's unnatural. They might be INSIDE A BOX. Or UP HIGH ON A SHELF. Or even have their head under the couch so they can't see me. Or better yet, part of their body hidden under the couch, so they can see me but they're still entirely hidden as long as at least 5% of their fur is under the couch. And yet I have the audacity to look at them, as if they're not hidden at all!

Context doesn't deserve to have water sprayed on it.
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In response to a post by [personal profile] rydra_wong entitled Exciting new innovations in constitutional crisis, [personal profile] starlady:
This is the most 2018 thing I've heard in at least a week or so.
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"The mods keep freezing comments on my off-topic posts and tell me to only post mushrooms I want identified to the mushroom identification comm, so here's every photograph I've ever taken of any mushroom that looks even vaguely like a dick. I have been mushrooming for the better part of twenty years." (Wow, that's...a lot of mushrooms, neighbor.)

[personal profile] sara's context proves that whatever the content, fandom never changes. (More examples in the entry.)
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[personal profile] antisoppist:

My kids keep having to do this game at school where they are all different countries and they have to make paper shapes but one lot has loads of paper and one pair of scissors and another lot has four pairs of scissors and three sheets of paper and another lot has all the rulers and someone else has lots of pencils. It usually ends in a fight. Which is quite realistic really. How have our MPs not noticed that we do not have all the scissors?

[personal profile] kaberett:

(because all the ones who are fucking this up so badly have spent their entire lives blissfully and arrogantly self-assured that of course they have all the scissors and have for generations, it's just that they might need to send the servants up to the attic to find them)

Context is watching Dominic Raab discover the existence of the Channel.
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Last night one of my dreams involved a kind of sorting station full of huge golden capsules (roughly the size and shape of hatboxes, but with rounded edges). The staff said that whichever one was opened would determine the kind of god overseeing our reality. I think they mostly contained atheist or deist universes, with a sprinkling of angry gods, but there was one capsule that would put “Bob the Giant Space Cat” in charge. As they explained this, someone saw the Bob capsule (how they could tell idk as the capsules were all outwardly identical) and made a slow-motion dive towards it. They must have succeeded, for the heavens opened and Bob the Giant Space Cat descended in all His glory. “Welcome to your universe, Mr. Bob,” said the staff. “Would you like to tour the facility?” Then the dream segued to a surprisingly normal narrative about grocery shopping or something.

Context would welcome Bob the Giant Space Cat.
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[personal profile] kore is admiring:

Man, Bob Mueller has been taking lessons from Beyonce or something.

Context is having a dance party.
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I am the chair of the concom for the Hudson County Food and Homelessness summit in October 2019. One of the committee members casually referred to "the ineluctable progress of fascism." And I thought, no it isn't! We're elucting! So now I think of this as an Eluction Year.

Context is ineffable.
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